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The new court-monitored BP Settlement program is replacing the GCCF . This is great news for BP claimants because the cap has been removed on BP settlements and the process is now much more streamlined. The PSC (Plaintiff Steering Committee) and the judiciary are now in control of the BP funds. The PSC’s new system is more transparent, and the procedures are easier to understand as well as follow.

What will happen to the GCCF?

On March 8, 2012, the Court ordered the creation of a transition process with the closure of the GCCF. This ensures that there will be no delays in the payments of claims while the GCCF is being replaced by a BP Court Supervised Settlement Program.  The GCCF will cease processing any remaining claims and the Court has already ordered for a Claims Administrator to oversee the claims.

Will claimants need to file a new claim under the new program?

The new court-supervised claims program is open to every claimant who wishes to file or re-file their claim. For those who already have documents previously submitted to the GCCF are not required to re-file a claim. All their data and documents will also be transmitted to the new program. There may be additional information that needs to be supplied, so it’s necessary to coordinate with the Claims Administrator. Claimants don’t necessarily have to start over again with their settlement cases.

Can claimants continue to file claims while the transition is taking place?

Yes. Claimants may still opt to file claims under the transition process, but all these claims will be processed following the GCCF rules and regulations.

What if a claimant opts for the old quick pay settlement under the GCCF?

If a claimant is eligible they will be notified whether they still wish to accept the quick pay option under the GCCF. This means that individuals will receive a fixed amount of $5,000 and businesses $25,000 regardless of the total losses or damages caused by the oil spill. Once notified, a claimant only has until May 7, 2012 to take advantage of the quick pay offer. After this date, all offers from the GCCF expires and all claims should be filed under the new program.

How can I get my BP settlement under the new program?

Fill out the form to start the settlement process or call one of our BP lawyers or adjusters at 1-888-888-5924.


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