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Processing BP Claims Online

In addition to phone inquiries and reports, claimants can also use online facilities established by BP to report their claims. BP is also working on adding more online facilities in the future and this list may be updated.

How to Report a Claim Using Online Facilities

Users will be given an electronic claim form that needs to be completed and submitted online. Claimants must supply the following information: name, address, location of loss, primary contact information, Social Security number, date of birth, and occupation of the claimant.

The form is in English but versions in Spanish and Vietnamese are coming out as well.

The following claims should be properly filled out with as much detail as possible from the claimant. It’s necessary to include all documentations as they are required to be submitted as well.

  1. For Property Damage Claims – provide information about the nature of the damage supplying as much detail as possible. Damages and losses should all be caused by the oil spill.
  2. For Loss of Income Claims – provide information about the nature of the claimant’s flow of income and how it is generated. Claimants are also required to submit proof of income and its history, and proof of loss as a result of the oil spill.
  3. For Bodily Injury Claims – provide information about nature of the injury or illness. It should be related or caused by the oil spill or any clean-up operation following the incident. Provide the name and address of the medical facility and the attending physician that provided treatment to the claimed injury or illness.

Upon completion of the online form, claimants need to submit the claim report. An on-screen notification message appears informing the individual that a claim number will be sent in his/her email within 3 to 4 days.

All online claim forms are forwarded to a centralized data processing facility. They are then checked if the claims have been reported before to avoid duplication of claims. Each new claim is transmitted to an electronic mailbox and a claim number is generated. These claim numbers are then sent via the claimant’s email or thru the phone.

Claim numbers are used for following up the claims and to ensure that all transactions are processed more efficiently. They need to be presented when visiting a BP claims center.

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